Nuclear Rods & The Ring of Fire

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From Snake Eyes:

Japanese Nuclear Power Plant ExplosionAmazing how the sheep regarded Chicken Little when he ran around warning everyone on the farm that the sky is falling. Well, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Snake Eyes, and I am really learning to appreciate like-minded individuals. For the sheep that are reading this, you can refer to me as Chicken Little.

I came up with a scenario after the devastating events began to unfold in Japan on Friday, March 11, 2011. Now, I feel I need to preface this by stating that I am not a scientist, or work in a governmet think tank, or am tied into the media one way or another. I am just a simple man who knows how to use my gray matter housed between my ears. Most of my information I can’t back up, but its knowledge I have gleaned over the years by reading and watching television and movies. 🙂 But, I’m using a simple equation based on facts.

It seems that we have a possible EOTWAWKI event unfolding.

Starting with Japan’s announcement of suffering a coolant failure in one of their nuclear plants, I started thinking about The China Syndrome. I saw the possibility of losing containment on the rods, and figured out how it would play if they didn’t get control of the plant’s cooling system.

Japan sits on top of “The Ring of Fire”.

Radioctive rods will continue heating up until nothing can stop them from melting through the bottom of the reactor, and continuing through the Earth.

Way before the rods reach the core, they will hit the magma that flows under the Earth’s crust.

It stands to reason that since the nuclear plant sits on the Ring of Fire, then the rods wont have to go as deep to creat a channel for the magma to escape.

Once the rods pass thru the crust, magma pushes past them and erupts at the surface, spewing radioactive lava and ash.

In the immediate vicinity of this newly formed volcano you have FIVE more nuclear plants, well on their way going super-critical, if they haven’t done so already.

You can easily see the daisy chain reaction as more rods continue their way down.

I’m guessing that the only thing worse than a Super Volcano Is a radioactive Super Volcano.

We already have an idea of what to expect for a nuclear winter… Crop failure, extreme temperture changes, starvation, disease, fallout, etc., etc., etc.

The End (continued below)..

NOAA Energy Map

Now, I have told a few people my theory, and all looked at me like I’m crazy, some even with sympathy. Most responses were to the tone of… “Well, if any of that is possible, then we woulda heard about it in the news.” or “I guess I better start maxing out my credit cards since I won’t have to pay ’em back”. All gave me looks of disbelief, except one. That one simply asked me “What percentage do you think is that your scenario is likely? give me a number.”

Thank you, Sandy Taylor.

Whether she believes me or not, at least she taught me a great lesson… I learned the value of like-minded individuals.

– Snake Eyes

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  1. Jason Ernsten

    I like your theory. But IF such a thing were likely, scientists would be talking about it.

  2. Jack Stein

    Very scary idea. But that’s one of those TEOTWAWKI events that you can’t really plan for. You can just hope you’ve done enough already to survive afterwards, if you live through the main event.

  3. RN

    You two sound kinda cute together.

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