Zombie Hunter in the Making

Apr 4, 2011 by

My sweet spouse and I are happy to announce that we’re going to be adding a little Zombie Hunter to the Wild River Rogues team by the end of this year!

Zombie Proof Baby Onesie Set

Cute onsie, isn’t it? Buy one from Red Snapper (no affiliation).

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  1. RN


  2. Jack Stein

    Congratulations you guys! Nice tactical baby gear. 🙂

  3. rosello

    congrats! kids really make you want to be a better survivor than ever

  4. Jackson

    Good going! Congratulations!

  5. sorka

    Way to go! Can’t wait to see the new addition.

  6. Dave Miller

    Congratulations. You’ll love being parents.

  7. berli

    Good for you – congratulations. Will you be talking about more family style preparedness topics?

    • Well, having a child on the way is sure changing the way we look at everything. It’s become more refined – more specific. There’s no doubt now that looking after our family is our #1 priority. It’s made us even stronger and better preppers already. It’s going to be an adventurous road, that’s for sure.

  8. dcarola


  9. nescantie

    Congratulations! Have a happy and healthy 9 months!

  10. Kalina


  11. Rita

    Congrats! What a nice new addition to WRRs.

  12. VJ

    So where’s our follow up picture of Aurora in the zombie hunting outfit?

    • Ha! Funny VJ. Actually we have a few Zombie onesies for her, but she keeps outgrowing them faster than I can take pictures! Her current outfit has a nice little black hoodie, courtesy of Snake Eyes. He keeps her in the tactical gear.

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