Introducing Nurse Jane

Nov 11, 2011 by

Meet Nurse Jane

No, that's not actually Nurse Jane in the picture. But trust me, she's just as sexy.

I’d like to introduce Nurse Jane.  She’s been a part of Wild River Rogues for awhile now, she just didn’t really know it until recently. Nurse Jane is witty, sarcastic and has inadvertently given more than one male patient a special rise in their blood pressure. Probably more than one female patient too!

Nurse Jane is scheduled to graduate with her BA in Nursing this coming Spring, where she’ll start work as an RN at one of the Southwest Florida hospitals. Like most of us, she’s relatively new to preparedness, and doesn’t have a fully stocked bunker stashed in her back pocket. Maybe a naughty nurse toy or two instead… but I digress!

She’s our team medic. We have a medic. How awesome is that?

She’s also a new medic. We’re doing everything we can to get her the support and supplies she needs. We drew the line, however, a few weeks ago when she brought back a shiny new sterile catheter kit. No, you may not practice that on us. But you can take blood pressures all you want!

She’s especially fascinated with my feet right now. No, it’s not a naughty nurse fetish – I’m very very pregnant, and have a bit of an uncomplimentary waddle going on – she likes to make sure my blood pressure is working enough to keep the blood flowing all the way down to my feet and back again. Ahh well. I’ll be a good little guinea pig. But I draw the line at catheters.

Nurse Jane has spiffed up our first aid kits. The mini-kits in our EDC packs, the medium-sized kits in our BOBs and the larger kits in each car. And I keep a spare in my bathroom – you never know. They’re not quite where we want them to be (more gauze, maybe some QuickClot or similar product – the reviews are mixed), but they’re certainly a major step up from your average store bought kit with nothing but band-aids and a couple of alcohol wipes.  We’re getting started in the right direction.

Nurse Jane is originally from the Midwest, and sometimes sports that cute northern accent. And she can swear like a sailor’s girl if you get her going.  Her many talents also include being a source of comfort for our group. No, not like that. Sigh. What a dirty mind you have. Nurse Jane happens to be a fantastic cook who can really work her way around a kitchen.  When she dons an apron and starts banging pots and pans around and brandishing long wooden spoons… watch out! It’s going to get steamy! From the boiling water, you know?

In all seriousness, we value Nurse Jane not only for her sexy nursing skills (yes, she actually owns a little nursing cap – I’ve seen it), but for her ability to turn otherwise plain foods into fantastic meals.  She cooks up some wicked dutch oven potatoes and chicken. And knows what to do with flour, from scratch (there goes that dirty mind again..). A hot meal in a bad situation can mean the difference in a fighting morale or a dreary fatigue. She can give us that extra spark, that extra little “lift”.

We’re so thrilled to have her as a member of the Wild River Rogues.


  1. Anonymous

    Reoowrr! I want more pics!

  2. Rose

    OMG, that happened to me once.. giving a male patient an ahem… extra rise. I’ve never been so embarassed in my life.

    Welcome Nurse Jane!

  3. Anonymous

    I”m totaly cracking up right now. great post Sandy! i can’t wait to hear more about nurse Jane!

  4. Bob

    I’ve had a catheter. Trust me. You don’t want her to practice on you! Other stuff maybe, but not that. You want someone who knows exactly what they are doing and who has done it before many times.

  5. Paul

    I want her to be MY nurse! Where you guys at again? 😉

  6. Anonymous

    this was hilarious!

    welcome Jane!

  7. Anonymous

    She can be my nurse anytime baby!

  8. Nurse Jane

    Thank you guys for the welcoming comments. And sure, I’ll be your nurse. I still have that catheter kit to practice with. 🙂

    I yelled at Sandy after she posted this. What a terrible stereotype of the nursing profession. It might be TRUE sometimes, but…

    I guess I’ll just have to put on my nursing cap and go take care of this with her. Aloone. 😉

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