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Jan 30, 2012 by

Right at Your Door Movie Poster

I had no idea what Right at Your Door was about when I got it from a friend (mystery DVDs!).  I just popped it in one night, in the mood for anything. Imagine my delight as the plot unfolds..

No, I’m not going to reiterate the whole plot – don’t worry. The very short version is that it’s about a young couple, a nice normal couple, going about their daily lives in Los Angeles when dirty bombs go off downtown.  The wife, Lexi, is downtown at her job, and we follow the husband, Brad, at home as he first hears the news and sets out to bring her back. That doesn’t go well, and he ends up hunkering down at home. Emergency services tell folks to board up their houses and put up plastic sheeting to protect their air from contamination. Like a good little citizen, he does…

And what follows is one of the best portrayals of humanity in unexpected crisis that I’ve seen on film. It’s realistic. They don’t go around blowing things up for half the movie (though that can be fun too) – it’s about the people and their mentality.

His wife makes it home, you see. And he won’t let her in.

Right at Your Door Movie Scene

What would you do?

The characters, and dare I say the viewers, go through a range of emotions throughout the film – shock, denial, betrayal, understanding, grief, loss, more denial, and ultimately, shock once again.

Watch it (streaming). It’s worth it. It also ended entirely unexpectedly.


  1. TechNut

    I’ve seen this movie before. The scene with the police really shook me up at the time because I can see it going down just like that if this happened. It goes to show you just another reason to move out of the big cities while you still can.

  2. MaryInHeaven

    Thanks for the recommendation! I watched this the other night with the kids, and WOW, what a surprise ending!!

  3. Thomas

    The first Nat Geo prepper show accomplished at least one thing: it prompted some of us to look at life realistically like this movie does. A few of us started paying attention, and in the end became preppers ourselves. As much as I applaud the courage of those who were on the first Nat Geo show, I would never go on one of those shows. Too much exposure for my liking. It would have been right for those participants to get paid. shame on Nat Geo for not paying those folks. Shame on the producers for looking for sensationalism. I expect better than that from them. But I digress. Prepping is becoming more talked about, more folks are seeing the wisdom in it, if it’s balanced and sane. Stay under the government radar and you’ll be left alone (like the guy in the movie).

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