A Mushroom Cloud and a Wake Up Call

Feb 13, 2012 by

Just to compliment yesterday’s sunset photo, here is another cloud formation we saw in late 2009.  Nurse Jane calls and says… “Have you looked outside this afternoon?”.  And this is what I saw from my lanai (screened back porch):

Southwest Florida Mushroom Cloud from Late 2009

My first thought, of course, was that it looked one hell of a lot like an explosion. And as I briskly walk back inside to the computer to check the news, I mentally run through my ready list and berate myself for every moment of procrastination that lead to us not yet having Bug Out Bags (BOBs). We do now, of course. But at the time, I was still getting started in prepardness. Moments like this sure get the blood rolling and the motivation pumping.

It turned out to be an “orphan anvil” from a thunderstorm. But still. Look at it. Tell me it doesn’t look like a really big mushroom cloud. Coincidentally, it was also in the direction of the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant in the Everglades. Yep. Way to remind you to get your preps together.

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  1. Anonymous

    Holy shit.

  2. Anonymous

    Use reminders like this as one more chance from God to get your preps in order. You may not get another.

  3. Peter

    I remember that day! I live in Cape Coral, and remember my neighbor coming over to ask us what we thought of it. He was panicing. Like you, we turned on the news, but couldn’t find anything about it. It was a good opportunity to talk to my neighbor about “what if” scenarios. What if it really had been an explosion of some kind? Fast forward a couple of days and he had completely forgotten his panic about it, where it’s still fresh in my mind now, three years later.

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