Babcock Wilderness Tour

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Florida is like a giant tourist town. And in a tourist town, what better way to get to know your local flora and fauna than by taking a tour!

Actually, we had some family in town and wanted to hit two birds with one stone (no ecological reference intended). We found something suitably touristy for them, and prepper related for us.  We went on an eco-tour with Babcock Wilderness Adventures, at the Babcock ranch outside of Fort Myers, Florida.  See for yourselves!

Babcock Ranch Florida Feral Pigs

Ready to greet us when we first embarked on the tour were the local feral pigs. Well... feral in a manner of speaking. I think they're used to getting fed by people on tours from the way they followed us around. But it was interested to watch the boar / sow dynamic in person. See those little palms in the background? Their core is edible (no one said tasty.. just edible!).

Babcock Ranch Florida Wild Turkeys

Wild turkeys out and about.. now that's tasty!

Babcock Ranch Florida Horned Cattle

Horned Cracker Cattle - scrawny little things, aren't they? But they do fine on just grass and what they can forage - they don't need hay or grain, making them more sustainable than the cows I knew in the Midwest.

Babcock Ranch Florida Birds of Prey

Birds of prey abound in Florida. They come down with the snowbirds (see my clever pun?) and leave when their prey migrates. It's not a good state to be a squirrel. Or kitten. Or loose chicken.

Babcock Ranch Florida Deer In The Woods

If you look closely, you'll see three deer lurking in the safety of the trees, eyeballing us suspiciously from afar.

Babcock Ranch Florida Deer With Fawn

These deer were definitely used to people - no sane deer gets this close to a predator. Tasty looking. Though that fawn is awfully cute too.

Babcock Ranch Florida River

The Babcock Ranch is the largest working cattle ranch in Florida, at over 90,000 acres. It has plenty of swampland too.

Babcock Ranch Florida Swamp With Alligators

Florida swamps - not the best place to go swimming.

Babcock Ranch Florida Gator In Lilies

Who is that, buried deep in the lilies?

Babcock Ranch Florida Gator In Lilies Closeup

Why.. hello!

Babcock Ranch Florida Panthers

These gorgeous wildcats live in a sanctuary at the very heart of the Babcock Ranch. I wish I could say I took this picture, but I shamelessly borrowed it from their website. Mine just didn't come out as good through the security fence. And yes, there are wildcats and panthers all throughout Florida. Think you're going to go bug out into the Everglades do you? Chortle. Let's talk about the snakes then..

Babcock Ranch Florida Baby Alligator

For the tour, they brought out this little fella and let us all hold him.

Baby Alligator Closeup

Look at those eyes.. now just imagine the whole little guy about 80x larger, staring at you with a hungry gleam..

Babcock Ranch Florida Lulubelle the Three Horned Cow

Meet Lulabelle, the famous three horned cow of Babcock Ranch. Except, you see.. she passed on. So you're actually meeting her stuffed head..

Babcock Ranch Florida Lulubelle Three Horned Cow Obituary

This is Lulubelle's obituary. It's witty, and is worth expanding to read in full detail.


Black Raven Closeup

And for one final image, this sexy little poser. Isn't he handsome with his sharp curved talons?


  1. Prepper Ben

    Interesting how most of the things you pictured are either predators or prey. Which one are you?

  2. Anonymous

    Boar. Tasty. So… how far away is this ranch from where you live? 🙂

  3. Becky Lynn

    I love the pictures! It makes me feel like I went on the tour too. It really shows you what the Florida wildlife is supposed to look like. If TSHTF I bet they’d dissapear like that though!

  4. Anonymous

    That three horned cow is freaky man. I remember hearing about her on the news way back when. You tinker too much with the seed and this is what you get!

  5. EcoNut

    You’ve done a very nice portrayal of the southwest Florida ecological system. Cypress swamps are CRUCIAL to the successful maintenance and renewal of the local ecological systems and species preservation. Thank you for your documentary.

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