Cannibals at the Office

Apr 21, 2012 by

The Average Cubicle Office SettingWhat would you do if you were at the office and you weren’t able to leave? If you have some spare supplies there with you, fantastic! But what if you don’t? What supplies can you cannibalize from the average office setting to help you and your coworkers survive and thrive until you can get home?

I wrote a guest article titled Cannibals at the Office for Howard Godfrey’s Preparedness Advice blog, and that’s what the article is all about – keeping your eyes open and finding unexpected uses for every day items.

You can read the guest article here:


  1. Matt in Oklahoma

    Great article Sandy!

    • Thanks Matt! I hope it will be useful to at least one person, if for nothing else than to encourage them to finally put that get-home kit together and keep it in their office.

  2. Leon

    Just read this. Good ideas. I’m already looking around my office in a new light!

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