Ex-Mormon Food Storage Woes

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As I mentioned last week, we’re getting ready to visit an LDS Cannery for long term food storage – more to come as I hammer down more details.

But it occurred to me to see what ex-Mormons had to say about their food storage, and I found some quotes that are a mix of being spot-on, being inanely stupid and being downright dangerous. Judge for yourself:

LDS Food Storage Starter KitNo one needs a year’s supply of food. Even if you are unemployed or sick, that is what food stamps and church welfare are for. Even disasters only require a few weeks supply at most. Most food storage is wasted. [From Sandy: Really.. that’s what food stamps are for?  What happened to being self-reliant?]

Even if society did collapse and we couldn’t get food, mobs and gangs would explicitly go after Mormons because the food storage thing would get out. Food storage just makes you more likely to die a violent death. [From Sandy: There might be something to that – to Mormons being a higher risk. OPSEC (operational security) folks – don’t tell people you have food storage. It never ends well – so says lots of non-fiction accounts from past wars, like The Pianist.]

About 15 years ago, the police prevented terrorist types from going through with their plans and among their things were found maps. These maps puzzled the police for a short time until some smart law person figured them out. They were mormon homes marked for places where these terrorists could get food and shelter for long periods of time. Scared the %*^## out of us at the time! [From Sandy: Yep.]

Our stake is constantly pushing the members to buy food from the distribution center operated by the church. They pass around order forms in Sunday School. And trust me, its really expensive to buy food from the church. Even our local died-in-wool food storage expert(every ward has one, some of them even store ammo in tandem with their food storage) once admitted in class that its much cheaper to buy food in bulk at Costco, buy the cans yourself, and borrow the canning machine from the stake and DIY. [From Sandy: Actually, the local Florida LDS Canneries are a lot cheaper than Costco.  And I love how they say “some of them even store ammo”, oh the shock! Giggle.]

I have about 10 litres of ‘just incase’ water, candles, batteries, a space blankie and just by having food in my cupboards I could easily survive for awhile. [From Sandy: How long is awhile? But at least they are headed in the right direction.]

But, I figure if a tragedy is big enough that I can’t go out for Thai food or pick up a bottle of vino on the way home, I don’t see the point in sticking around. 😉  [From Sandy: Comments like this are very common, just in general from non-preppers. They drive me nuts. Really? So say you survive whatever causes TEOTWAWKI – you just going to shoot yourself? Your kids, your family? Why bother living? That’s not how it works – if you survive the primary event, you’ll keep on trying to survive. And you’ll really kick yourself then for making dumbass comments like this now.]

We bought a home from the bank–the previous owners left their entire food storage which was the most extensive I have ever seen. Complete with grocery store shelving. It was beautiful to behold, unfortunately, water and mice had ruined everything. It took two large dumpsters and an entire weekend of hard work to remove it. It made me sad because at some point it could have helped someone, somewhere. The next week, we helped some friends whose parents were killed in an accident, move their home. Another years worth of food was in the basement, no one wanted it–it was very old. I totally lost my “testimony” of food storage that month. Food, like everything else is meant to flow, not be hoarded–so much waste when there is so much need out there. [From Sandy: I agree that these are both terrible wastes. Rotation is so important – if you know you aren’t good at it, spend the extra money and buy yourself a rotation system, like the can rotaters shown below.]

What do you think about food storage?

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  1. Jack Stein

    I think food storage is a must-have for anyone serious about preparedness. So is keeping quiet about it. See http://en.fishki.net/commentall.php?id=110619 – their first list of the top 10 places to ride out the apocalypse is Utah because “In the event of a run-of-the-mill infrastructural collapse, it wouldn’t be a bad idea idea to hightail it to Utah and make friends with some stockpiling Mormons. The Church of Latter-Day Saints strongly recommends that its members keep at least a year’s supply of food on hand at all times, as well as maintain some kind of basic food garden. It helps ensure that a family can remain self-sufficient if they fall on hard times, but all those preparations will also come in handy if the world goes to pot. Just remember to be polite and quit with the swearing.” I’m sure the Mormons don’t appreciate this kind of conversation.

  2. Anonymous

    Those folks are stupid [Edited by Sandy]. No food storage and you are going to DIE when TEOTWAWKI happens! What, you think your neighbors are just going to share with you and take food out of the mouths of their family because you were too dumb to prep? No. They’re going to be armed, and they’re going to laugh as you scramble to walmart to find all the shelves empty. The mormons are onto something alright.

  3. Joan

    I think that last comment is really sad about all the food getting wasted.

    But it got me thinking. Maybe I could ask around to some LDS members I know, and see if they know anyone leaving the church who has food storage they don’t want or need any more. Maybe they would sell it to me instead of letting it rott waiting for someone else to buy their house.

    Thanks for the scary comments here Sandy.

  4. Neece

    I visit my local lds cannery about once a quarter, and I have to tell you that their prices are really cheap compared to wholesale stores like Costco or walmart. Prices are the same throughout the country regardless of where the cannery is. Here in the upper NE USA, food prices are high in the stores which makes the cannery an even better deal for base food stores.

  5. Jan

    I’m ex-mormon. The Church really does have it’s s*** together when it comes to disasters and preparedness. It’s just the rest that’s screwed up. But I don’t regret a penny of my food storage purchases.

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