Freckles, Fishing and Fun

Apr 17, 2012 by

Mulberries - Tasty!I wrote in to Kellene Bishop’s Preparedness Pro blog and shared a little story about the outdoors and my friend James. James was one of the folks that helped me develop into a prepper – he taught me to fish, and he taught me to hunt. And he taught me to value the outdoors and to listen into the silence of a mountaintop, which isn’t silence at all.

You can read my guest article here:

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  1. Jackie

    Hey Sandy, I just wanted to say that that was a really funny story. Thanks for sharing how you got into prepping.

  2. KayD

    Funny article! You have my vote. All 5 of them. It looks like an interesting contest with a good premise. When I have more time, I’ll go through and read the other entries, but I already voted for yours. I thought it was a funny story with a good moral – be prepared.


  3. Anonymous

    Good article!

  4. Amber

    funny, and well written. i think I’ll get off my butt now and finishing my EDC kit to keep in my purse.. i never thought of adding sugar.

  5. Nurse Jane

    I just wanted to add that James really could have died. You said it wasn’t really an emergency, but it was. If his levels hadn’t gotten under control right away, he could have faced a much more critical emergency and you might not have gotten him out of those woods.

  6. Jack Stein

    Sandy, if I’m not mistaken, you were one of the winners for this contest, were you not? Will you give us followup?

    • That’s right! Thanks Jack. Or so I think. It doesn’t look like she’s finished counting the votes yet, but as far as I know I was one of the finalists. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for noticing! 🙂

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