Paracord, Laundry & the Importance of Networking

May 14, 2012 by

Our dryer broke over the weekend. It’s making a sad, thuwmp thuwmp sort of grinding noise when we try to turn it on.  This is a first for us – we’ve been most fortunate to have none of our modern-day electricity using appliances break since we ventured into the land of home ownership. Which sadly means there’s no landlord to call!

Sidenote: Notice all the solar flare activity last week? Is it weird to theorize that our dryer got zapped? All the electronics in our house have been weird since last week.. the computer needed resetting. The fire alarms are beeping even though they have new batteries, the phones locked up…. maybe it’s all in my head. And maybe it’s not.

Back to laundry!  It wouldn’t be so bad, you see, if we lived more north. But summer just hit here in Florida, and it’s hot and muggy outside. Muggy doesn’t bode well for drying laundry. They might get even more damp outside than inside.

And none of this would be that bad at all, except we cloth diaper for little Aurora. And we can only go about 2 days before we have to do laundry.  So laundry we did!

Paracord Clothes Line with Cloth Diapers

My darling spouse strung paracord up in our prep room (which has a ceiling fan). See the maps on the back wall?  What a fine and entirely unexpected use for paracord. It’s nice and sturdy too, and trust me, cloth diapers are designed specifically to be absorbent, and they get heavy!

What’s any of this have to do with prepping?  Two little points.

1) Cloth diapers rock. They’re reusable, and washable, and you won’t run out of them if you can’t get to the store. You just need to be able to wash them. And with any luck, dry them.

2) The dryer is broken. This leads us to two possible solutions. Fix the dryer or replace the dryer, right?

Networking is your friend as someone interested in personal preparedness.  I can use networking connections for either solution. I have a friend who is an electrician who is willing to take a gander at the dryer for me. That might result in a working dryer, and it might not.  If not, I have a strong local network of people I can reach out to to see if anyone has a dryer they are giving away (or selling).  And who has a truck we can borrow…

And you know, if neither works out, I’m kind of itching to get out some tools and take the dryer apart, just to see how it works inside. Or used to work!

Networking is helpful to preppers – you may need a favor, or just a connection to a resource (like a working appliance).  If we lived on a farm, I’d say the same thing, but use fencing or borrowed tractors as an example.  Make friends, build a community. It doesn’t have to be a community of like-minded folks who share the same character and future goals. Any good, supportive community is a start in the right direction.

And now I get to have date night tonight with my sweetie, a wet laundry basket, some clothespins and a screwdriver (for disassembly).  Life’s pretty good.

~ Sandy Taylor


  1. McDougle

    Hope you guys are having a great date night. Some of the best times I’ve had with my wife were spent just talking, playing and taking things apart. And I hope you get your dryer fixed.

  2. S

    Thankfully I’m almost past diapering, but from what I hear (from people who have cloth diapered while camping, etc.) is that the best option for hand washing and line drying is flat diapers in a cover.

  3. QuadroPro

    This is a great excuse to feed my paracord collection. I’ll have to share with the wife tonight..

  4. Mike M.

    I noticed some weird s**t going down with our electronics that week too. Glad to know it wasn’t just me.

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