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May 5, 2012 by

Survivalist Blog ScreenshotWhile I personally follow and can recommend all the blogs under my Links section, this is the first time I’ve done a formal review of another blog.  As all reviewers should promise, I promise you that my reviews are my honest opinion, and not done for any juicy (and non-existent) commercial motivations.

So who is in the limelight today? M.D. Creekmore from

If you’ve never been to his blog, take a peek. You’ll find a pretty standard blog layout, with intriguing snippets of the latest posts, sponsor advertising and a newsletter signup box to keep apprised of the latest posts M.D. sends out to “the Wolf Pack”.  There are posts daily; sometimes more.

The Survivalist Blog’s primary audience isn’t the uber-prepper (of which I surely am not, nor, probably, are you).  It’s for normal folks trying to learn what they can to better protect themselves and their families for an everyday emergency, or a life-altering BIG one. The site has a lot of guest posts that cover basic preparedness topics like water storage, food storage and saving money. But it also has a weekly post from M.D. Creekmore titled “What did you do to prep this week?” that is perhaps my favorite part of the blog. In it, he shares with us what he did to prep this week, and asks you what you did.

At first, I was an RSS-only subscriber, which means I didn’t see the comments that followed his weekly post. But one day, I wanted to see what others had to say, and whoa! to my surprise, I found a horde of responses. Folks use this weekly post to share with others what they did every week and to stay accountable to themselves and others. Sometimes it’s simple, like “picked up an extra bag of rice while grocery shopping”, and sometimes it’s pretty impressive, like adding a new water irrigation system to a retreat property (if only, aye?).  That’s what makes this blog different. I hesitate to use the words “fan following”, because that would imply celebrity status. I think a better description is that the Survivalist Blog has garnered a community from the nether, and you can actually feel this sense of community in the interactions and comments on the site. That’s pretty special in the blog-o-sphere, and something I personally enjoy. If you have a question or need help with something, one of the “Wolf Pack” (the blog readers) will be happy to help you.

As to M.D. Creekmore himself, he seems like a fairly normal guy living life on his property in the woods. He doesn’t have vast and grand things on his weekly list; he usually works on his garden, cleans his guns and builds something cool, like a writing studio.  I don’t know about you, but I love personal snippets about the bloggers I read. You can gather them up over time from avid readership, or you can cheat and visit M.D. Creekmore’s “17 Random Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Him” page. There’s a sequel too.  If you couldn’t guess already, he loves dogs (wolves, in particular). Sadly, he hates cats. So missing out there!  Favorite movie? Dances With Wolves. Go figure.

Some criticisms, aside from the part where M.D. hates cats?  M.D. doesn’t often tell us what he thinks on a particular topic anymore. The site has an awful lot of guest posts these days, and not as many from him. Which, as a blog owner, I can completely understand. It’s awesome when people share their thoughts with you and you can pass them along to your audience. And he has an intelligent, thoughtful audience, which comes across well in the guest posts. But I imagine readers would like to hear more from him as well. That said, with the weekly “What did you do to prep this week” post, you get a personal glimpse into his life and that keeps it real; it keeps it personal.

I’m really fond of the The content is worth my time to read, and the sense of community is really something special. The Wolf Pack is a great group of folks, and if you’ve ever felt a little lonesome out there trying to look to the future and take care of yourself and your family, the community of like-minded folks M.D. has gathered together will make you feel right at home.


  1. Analie

    Great review. MDs blog is pretty awesome. Go Wolf Pack!

  2. Amanda

    MD’s blog is pretty darn awesome. Glad to see you think so too.

  3. WolfCub

    Good thoughtful review. Thanks for being honest.

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