An Abundance of Mangoes

Jun 30, 2012 by

I’ve always wanted to learn how to can. But where to start?  How about water bath canning, and how about mangoes? Especially when your friend gives you 100 giant mangoes, and begs you to come back and take another 100-200 more…

Mixed Box of Florida Mangoes

The was the first box… of three.

Delicious Florida Mangoes in a Box

And there’s more! And more.. and more..

Tub of Mangoes For Water Bath Canning

This tub contains the very most ripe mangoes. Delicious!

I called some local prepper friends from the new groups that are forming (more on that soon!) to see who would like to have Mango Canning Night with me.  I found a lot of willing volunteers! The big round mangoes aren’t going to be ripe for another few days, but that tub above is full of mangoes that are ripe right now, so a couple of us are getting together tomorrow to try our skills at water bath canning (one gal already knows how, phew!).  I’ll tell you how it goes – it looks pretty simple. I did a little Googling and found this website on mango canning.  I’ve also been a long time reader of Rural Revolution, and Patrice has shared some great information about canning in the past. That’s why I’m excited to be canning with someone who has plenty of past experience – she can teach us how to do it right, and follow every safety precaution.

There were a few that were so ripe, they weren’t going to make it to tomorrow, so I sliced them up!

Sliced Mangoes to Freeze

Sliced mangoes ready for the freezer, or for eatin’!

Sliced Mangoes in the Freezer

I read a little trick – put your fruit down on a tray in the freezer, uncovered, so it freezes seperately. Then rebag in a ziplock or freezer bag, and they’ll be in individual pieces, not frozen together.

And lastly, just for kicks, I’ve had a few preppers ask if I’d be willing to ship some of our wonderful abundance of mango goodness to them. Of course! Especially with several more treefuls in our future, why not share the bounty?

Priority Mail Box of Mangoes for Shipping

17 or so pounds of mangoes packed in a priority mail flat-rate shipping box (about $16 to ship).

If you’d like a box of mangoes, let me know (quickly, before they all get ripe!) and I’ll be happy to send some your way.

Happy canning! I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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  1. Martha P

    Why not make some mango salsa & mango chutney? The chutney is used in butternut squash soup, and the salsa…well, anyplace salsa is used!

    • Delicious! We’re planning mango canning part 2 this weekend. I’m hopeful we’ll do some chutney or salsa. If only you could can mango smoothies..! So tasty!

      Now I have to get crackin’ on the canning post! It was great fun!

      Do you have any specific recipes you could share here for either chutney or salsa?

      ~ Sandy Taylor

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