Aurora and a Future in the Wilderness

Jun 8, 2012 by

Take a good long look at this photo.. and see what it makes you feel.  If you are on a mobile browser, click the photo to expand it to a larger size. Really look at it.

Ray of Sunlight in the Mountain Woods

I don’t know if it makes you feel like it makes me feel.. but I do hope that it makes you feel. 

I’m not even sure if I can describe it. It’s longing. It’s the past, it’s the future… I remember crystal clear moments of beauty like that from my childhood, and the occasional more recent moments. It’s the longing to explore, to know what’s in those dark woods just beyond the sunlight. It’s admiration of the light, the green; of nature. It’s a child-like desire to sit in the middle of the sunbeam and feel the light radiate onto my hands and my face and watch it turn my hair into a golden blonde and red auburn flame.

It’s also physical – the longing. It takes my breath away if I really stop and look at these woods. I want to walk with my daughter (who can only just crawl) across the grass and laugh and play with her in the mysterious woods. I want to show her the woods where I grew up, and where both her parents grew up.

Do you feel it too? Or do you feel something, perhaps something different? Maybe you’ve never been into the woods.  Maybe, like me, you had some beautiful years in your childhood of freedom, of pine needles and river rapids, of exploring the dark and beautiful wilderness.

I want that for baby Aurora. And her future siblings.  It’s a cornerstone of my life’s goals – and it’s part of being a prepper. It’s the wilderness, and that independence.  I was a happy child in my solitary wilderness explorations.

I saved this photo years ago – I have no memory of where it came from. I wish I did, so I could give them appropriate credit. But I saved it because of how it makes me feel. It’s motivating, and it’s deep – like a song that really cuts you to the core and makes you want to change your whole world for something better.  Do you have something in your life that motivates you deeply, even if you only see it or hear it on occasion?  I hope so. We all need something that makes us feel so deeply.

~ Sandy Taylor

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