For the Love of Family

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Wild River Rogues, the website, is a bit of a story. It’s the story of our journey towards preparedness. We aren’t uber-knowledgeable about anything in particular (though we have our skills). I can’t tell you what you should and shouldn’t do to better your chances of surviving and thriving.. but I can share with you what we learn along our way.

And it’s a bumpy path sometimes.

You probably noticed that it’s been a bit quiet on our end for the past couple of weeks, which is pretty unusual. I may not be uber-knowledgeable, but I can sure be uber chatty!  Wondered where we went?

Florida Seashell in a Sunbeam

We were off at the beach! Well, OK… not the whole two weeks. But I did go with my brother..!

My brother came to visit a few weeks ago. I hadn’t seen him in far too long, and spent every moment he was here with him “offline”.  I’d forgotten how much I really like my brother. He’s a darn good guy.  I wanted to make sure he knew he had a place with us if the SHTF, and he could get to us. We talk on the phone all the time, mind you, but it’s a whole ‘nother better thing to see your family in person and have a conversation like that. He’s a good guy.

And, you know, it helps that’s he a trained combat medic!

That could lead into a whole fascinating discussion about how your family hopefully has your back if the SHTF. Does yours? Some of mine does, and some doesn’t… and it’s the ones that do that you want around you if you are facing an uncertain future.

Some families you are born with, and some families you make.  With time, and trust, you build relationships and team members with folks that become your family.

Snake Eyes is our team member. More than that – he’s someone I can trust to have my back.  He was in trouble with his living situation, and he’s staying with us for a little while.  That’s what you do for your team members – I have his back too.

Of course, I’m taking full advantage of having him over… so far he’s fixed the sink, washed our new 5 gallon food-grade buckets, sorted out my “flammable objects” collection of propane tanks and helped rearrange all the furniture in the house (or at least that’s what he and the spouse would say!).

It’s been an adjustment to having another adult in the home, plus the amusing confusion of folks wondering just exactly who is my husband… giggle.

It’s all about the love of family.

But wait.. there’s more!

Sunset on a Stunning Seashell

If you’ve been with the Wild River Rogues for a little while, you may recall that we are planning to move from Southwest Florida to the northern Midwest, back home for some of us, and into the cold (but the strategically located cold) for others. We were going about it with a long range plan that hinged on Nurse Jane’s enrollment in, and completion of, nursing school. Well, she did it! She is officially a licensed and employable nurse. I can’t even type my excitement and how proud we all are of her – she’s outstanding, and she’s done it.

She can now be employed in the itty bitty small town we have an eye on, where our Northern Contingent already lives. We’ve been having a busy few weeks getting the ball rolling on moving – determining just where we want to be, the job application process (for each of us), the home selling process…

So not only was my brother in town, Snake Eyes moved in, AND we are packing and putting property on the market. It’s been busy – in a wonderful “forward movement” sort of way.

And amid all that, all sorts of wonderful Prepper things have been happening, like a return trip to the LDS Cannery, new local groups forming, meeting and finding their state of zen… a trip to the gun range and fun new gear..

I’m back, and I’ll tell you all about it over the next few weeks.

~ Sandy Taylor

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  1. carl

    we also be leaving s.fla.,in the next couple of months,we will be moving to ohio near our youngest daughter,going to be on a large farm there,actually not to far from dave canteberry,hope to find some preppers their to help me get my stuff together,ive been so busy trying to decide what i can do without and what to take with me being here for 60+ years you accumulate a lot of stuff,of course my wife calls it mostly junk,look forward to the newsletter,so ican keep up with whats happening latter carl

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