Buttoned Up For the Storm

Aug 26, 2012 by

We’re all buttoned up for the storm!  It’s pleasantly dark inside and somehow reminds me of a camping trip or a child’s sick day from school.

Mandatory evacuations have been issued for Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island, both of which are islands are due to get 3-5 feet of storm surge any which way the storm may turn.  We’re keeping a close eye out for our area, as those islands are only 15-20 miles away.

Cloud Cover from Tropical Storm Isaac

The Cloud Cover at 11am EST from Tropical Storm Isaac.

So far, if you look outside, it doesn’t look any different than any other storm. Except for two things…

The winds are picking up already, and while I don’t know their exact speed near my home, I know they are certainly higher than normal, but not higher than we’ve ever seen before.

But the weirdest thing to go outside and observe is that the clouds are moving backwards. They are going towards the gulf, and they always blow in from the gulf, always. It’s just odd.

And all the birds are gone… the ants disappeared two days ago. They’ve gone under, we assume. We’re  almost tempted enough to take little Aurora outside to play on the grass, but just in case the ants take that moment to come back out…  If you’re not sure what I mean and you are from somewhere happily more north than here, I’m referencing the evil fire ants that make grass pretty to look at, and fearsome to touch or walk upon. We haven’t sat on the grass in the 4 years we’ve moved to Florida, and poor baby Aurora has yet to feel grass in between her toes.

The CERT program has called in all shelter volunteers. I would join them, except for the baby.  You stay at the shelter until the storm passes. It’s a wonderful opportunity to provide a service for your community, which is why I continue to strongly support joining your local CERT program.

Here’s hoping that the storm still quietly passes us by, and that the storm surge stays minimal. We are are the third category of flood zone, which would be reassuring except for the first and second being less than 50 feet from our home… so if they call the first zone to evacuate, we think we will too.  I’m all for bugging in, except there’s just nothing you can do against storm surge. It’s one of the most powerful and frightening things to behold – the water just keeps on coming.

Be safe,

~ Sandy Taylor

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