Driving by a Military Convoy

Oct 21, 2012 by

We don’t live next door to our Northern Contingent. Yet. So yesterday we traveled every further into the boondocks to meet them and spend some quality time reconnecting.  We drove through the beautiful northlands, catching little glimpses of lakes and boats and some fine looking hunting and farming land.

A Scenic Wisconsin Roadway

And somewhere in north Wisconsin, we came across this convoy of 14 vehicles.

National Guard Convey Line of Trucks

I snapped a few photos as we passed (all the while wondering if that was legal, and deciding surely it must be.. right?).

National Guard Convey Tan Trucks

There were two of these tan flatbed-type trucks..

National Guard Convey Truck Closeup

And 12 of these. We can’t figure out what they are.. can you? They have hydraulics, a large hook-thingie, and.. well, zoom in and take a close look. The photos all expand. Know what they are? Drop us a line! We’re awfully curious!

National Guard Convey in the Mirror

And so of course, we are curious about what kind of trucks those are, and where they might be going.  We won’t ever know, but it just makes you think about your local military bases..

Ever wish there was a nice little map of all the nearby bases?  To quote from Google Maps Mania:

What kind of organisation would create a Google Map mash-up identifying the location of every Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine military installation in the US? A map moreover that allows users to zoom in on any military base and examine a detailed satellite image whilst at the same time providing information on the types of planes and squadrons based there.

Well the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), that’s who. SeeAndAvoid.org, according to the U.S. Defense Department, “offers a centralized, credible website for civilian pilots and military safety officers. The site offers reciprocal information and education on airspace, visual identification, aircraft performance and mutual hazards to safe flight, with the ultimate goal of eliminating mid-air collisions and reducing close calls.”

When the Pentagon forced Google to remove ‘street view’ imagery of US military bases last year who knew it was because they wanted to map every military base for the world themselves?

Check out the site here: www.seeandavoid.org

Handy, isn’t it?

Pay attention to what’s happening around you.

And drop us a line if you know what kind of trucks those are! Curiosity must be satiated.

~ Sandy Taylor

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