About the Wild River Rogues

Who are the Wild River Rogues?

A Gathering of PreppersWe’re normal people who want to be better prepared for everything from natural disasters and civil emergencies to personal job loss or illness or something more catastrophic like TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it). Or, you know, the zombie apocalypse. 🙂

If that sounds familiar, or if being better prepared sounds like something you want to know more about, then you’re in the right place.  No one here has an underground bunker with years of stored food and an arsenal that would put a crater into the earth if accidently ignited.  Preparedness is a journey and a lifestyle, and this website is here to help you with yours by showing you that you aren’t alone, and the task of looking after yourself and your family is both achievable and enjoyable.

If you are new at this (perhaps you saw an episode of Doomsday Preppers and saw through the sensationalism enough to think that maybe they were right about a few things..) or if you are already well established on the path of preparedness, you’ll find some useful tips and tricks here on Wild River Rogues. Sometimes just following the journey of another helps you along your own path, and we are still shimmying along ourselves.

Our team includes the following folks and their significant others, and we welcome the opportunity to establish trusting relationships with other folks, including you, both locally and from afar. We use alias names throughout this site to protect our privacy and the privacy of the folks who share information with us in comments, interviews or articles.

  • Sandy Taylor – the rogue behind the Rogues.  I’m the voice you hear from throughout the site, unless I’ve persuaded my shy fellows to contribute their thoughts (which are always much welcomed). I’m in my late 20s, happily married with a wee child. And I’m serious about preparedness, both because it’s smart, and because it’s fun!  It gets you out of the house and into the woods. From using a stove to using flint. From buying new things to “MacGyvering” new things out of what’s on hand. I believe that being prepared builds confidence in onesself and ones’ ability to care for ones’ family. It’s good for the community and good for the heart.  And it’s smart planning for an uncertain future.
  • Snake Eyes – the tactical bada** dude.  Snake Eyes is serious about personal preparation and security. You won’t find him without his trusty 1911 and multiple ways to open packages (he’s got skills, like a good rogue ought!). He has previous law enforcement experience and has been actively practicing a preparedness lifestyle for over 20 years. I like to call him my range buddy, and occasionally, Snuggle Muffin. Like me, Snake Eyes lives in Southwest Florida, and we can often be found frequenting gun shows or garage sales together.
  • Nurse Jane – sexy team medic, and, lucky us, also an awesome cook! Jane is a new nursing graduate getting her feet wet in the Southwest Florida medical field (there are more medical offices in Southwest Florida than there are palm trees!). In her spare time, she likes to take our blood pressure, catch wild yeast for baking and tease blog readers about her saucy little nursing cap.
  • The Northern Contingent – residing in our future retreat location, we have close family members with area roots going back so deeply, they’re getting cooked by magma. From local hunting to foraging, eating and sometimes hurling local edibles, they are paving the way for our eventual move.

Let’s be clear about one thing– this is not a military, anti-government, extremist, religious or discriminatory website. If you have strong political, extremist or religious feelings, this site isn’t the place to share them. We’re sane, intelligent folks who believe in good morals and good planning. We lead normal lives; we just might have a few more cans of food in our pantries than our neighbors. And a few more zombie movies in the DVD collection.

Whether you are new or whether you mock my sarcasm about having a bunker, I’m glad you are here on Wild River Rogues. If you’ve been looking for other like-minded people or if you need help figuring out where to start, you’ve found the right place.  We welcome your contact, be it through comments and emails or by getting together in person.  Welcome, and please enjoy the site.